• Keyboard
  • Mouse Pad
  • Mouse
  • Interceptor DS4100 GAMING Keyboard
  • GK-701 Mechanical GAMING Keyboard
  • Interceptor DS4200
  • W8 GAMING Mouse
  • Interceptor DS100 GAMING Mouse
  • Interceptor DS200 GAMING Mouse
  • Interceptor DS B1 GAMING Mouse
  • Interceptor DS300 GAMING Mouse
  • Clutch GM40 GAMING Mouse Black
  • Clutch GM40 GAMING Mouse Red
  • Clutch GM40 GAMING Mouse White
  • Headset
  • DS501 GAMING Headset
  • DS502 GAMING Headset
  • Immerse GH10 GAMING Headset
  • MSI Sistorm GAMING Mouse Pad
  • JUST GAME Mouse Pad
  • Xield5 GAMING Mouse Pad
  • Thunderstorm Aluminum Gaming Mousepad
  • MSI GAMING Shield Mousepad
  • GAMING Mousepad XL

MSI Gaming Gear


MSI GAMING peripherals are specifically tailored for gamers and have made quite a splash in the gaming world. Dragon totemed to symbolize strength, MSI’s powerhouse of GAMING peripherals cover highly durable mechanical keyboards, high-precision gaming mice engineered with ergonomics, uniquely themed mouse pads and game-specific hardware tuning software.

Driven by passion, MSI meticulously crafts its GAMING peripherals to incorporate both functionality and design, making them the best weapon of choice for ultimate gaming.

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Advanced Cherry mechanical switch technology, unique LED backlit keys and multiple keyboard macro sets with customized software deliver the best gaming experience.

Gaming Mouse

Gaming-grade laser sensor with resolution adjustment and advance macro programming give you unrivalled precision and control.

Gaming Mouse Pad

Micro-textured cloth surface and 100% natural rubber base with non-slip design enhance mouse positioning and optimize your mouse accuracy.




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